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Food Or Not

27th June 2012 by admin No Comments

It always makes me nervous when companies misspell the names of foods on purpose. I feel like that invalidates their responsibilities to actual provide any nutritional content whatsoever. “What cheese? We gave you ‘Cheez!’ Cheez is 100% reprocessed vinyl siding. It’s not even technically a food. I think it’s qualified as an alloy.” — Reid […]

4 Guys, 1 Podcast: The Magic of GravyBrain

8th June 2012 by admin No Comments

Back with another 4 Guys, 1 Podcast today with Matt “Mattie 5” Bellner, Chris Stuckey, and Zack Spears. On today’s show,we’ll hit the high notes including: Why Stuckey’s softball coaching career was close, but not quite. What exactly “GravyBrain” is, and which one of the guys has it. What Hall of Fame Zack is already on his […]