In Brightest Day, In Crappiest Night

Posted by admin - 05/07/12 at 04:07 am

Just too many ideas for one bad movie.

I finally got around to watching  “Green Lantern” on cable. As the resident comic book geek, I felt compelled to watch the “Green Lantern” movie, even though it was critically panned. Panned by critics? Well, perhaps “beaten senseless and left for dead on the side of the road by critics” would be a better way to put it.

Yeah, they didn’t like it. I gave it a fair chance, though.

Visually impressive, but astoundingly shitty.

Just a bad movie. Bad concept. Bad execution. Bad writing. Bad acting. Just bad bad bad bad bad. Bad beyond beyond all
infinite dimensions of possible badness.

Well, maybe not THAT bad. But Lord, it wasn’t good.

— Reid Kerr misses Bloom County, and isn’t even sure Ryan Reynolds counts as an actor.

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