Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

Posted by admin - 17/07/12 at 11:07 pm

I’ve had a couple of emails and Facebook questions about my 2012 vacation blogs. I had a great time on the trip to Cincinnati, which is not something I’m sure everyone can say. Anyway, the vacation rundown includes…

  • New foods
  • Bad roads, worse roads, and driving on the moon
  • Countless Cracker Barrels
  • The heaviest breakfast sandwich I’ve ever eaten
  • The magic of Imodium
  • Guy Fieri tries to get us mugged
  • My dreams of seeing the Warped Tour
All that and more in Reid’s 2012 Vacation, and you can find the whole vacation series here.
— Reid Kerr is glad to be home, sometimes. Not always, though.

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