Metaphorically Stinking

Posted by admin - 27/08/12 at 05:08 am

My daughter and I were having a nice discussion the other night about language. She was talking about similies and metaphors, and so I asked her if she knew the difference. She explained with the textbook “like or as” answer, and I smiled and told her she was correct.

And then I wondered why we care.

Seriously, can someone explain to me why we need to differentiate between these two things? I know it was important at one point, but what purpose does that serve? That’s why English is so freaking difficult for other people to understand. We make up words to separate different ways to do the exact same thing.

It would be like calling it “swimming” only if you’re on your stomach. If you flip over to your back, that’s “glorking,” and if you say it wrong we’re going to count points off on your test.

— Reid Kerr took a glorking class one summer at the YMCA.

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