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Irrelevant Tangents

26th September 2012 by admin No Comments

It’s gone too far. I saw a guy at my grocery store cleaning the glass doors in the frozen foods section while wearing one of those BlueTooth Ear Phones. You know, in case somebody needed to urgently reach him while he was squeegeing the front of the lasagna case. Remember back when everybody in the […]

Joe Elliott Has Moobs: Def Leppard with Poison and Lita Ford

10th September 2012 by admin No Comments

Joe Elliott has man-boobs. I know, as far as opening lines go, it’s not exactly “Frank Sinatra has a cold.” It’s important to the story later, though, and not even in a negative way. An old friend of mine, Matt Pool, called me last week and wanted me to come with him to see Def […]