Debate And Switch

Posted by admin - 23/10/12 at 05:10 am

The other guy is always full of crap.

I love it when people say the government makes too much money, and should all be working for minimum wage.

I’m not a big fan of politicians in general, but this idea that the people we elect to represent us should be paid what the average fast-food table-wiper makes is a bit silly.

Don’t we want our leadership positions to be desirable ones? I doubt the Presidency should be an entry-level position, and just a stepping stone to a better paying gig as an assistant manager at Appleby’s.  Besides, if you want your government to be paid minimum wage, aren’t you just pretty much saying “I only want to be ruled by rich white guys who already have the cash and don’t need a paycheck.”

Politicians want to come across as “ordinary guys,” Joe Six-Pack who came from the hardscrabble lands and clawed his way up, and just wants to stand up for the common man against all them dastardly Washington insiders.
Yeah, fuck that idea. I live in an area full of ordinary country folk, and I can’t buy beer within a half-hour ride, our local newspaper is eight pages, and the only book in my local library is Sam Walton’s autobiography. Our kids go to school in portable buildings, and finding someone who knows how to use an apostrophe is as rare as finding someone with two different colored eyes.
You know, I’m okay with our President, Congress, Representatives, Justices, and the rest being…you know, smart. Them having “fancy book learnin'” isn’t a turn-off to me at all. I don’t need them to have a working knowledge of how to ring up groceries, or make me a milkshake. I don’t care if he’s had a job, I’m more concerned with him helping me to get one.
Some people are smart. Some people are not. It’s important to recognize the value of both.
— Reid Kerr couldn’t identify Syria on a map, but he wouldn’t bring it up in the first place, either

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