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Court Of Disaster

27th November 2012 by admin No Comments

Because of a recent traffic infraction, I had to go down to my local court. And by “traffic infraction,” I mean “airborne collision with a truck.” Anyway, I strolled on down to the courtroom to speak to the judge, and wound up waiting in court for about an hour and a half before I was called. […]

To Dream the Impossible Clean

20th November 2012 by admin No Comments

Little things bother me. They cause me to question why they exist, and that can get troublesome. Here’s an example from a local Mexican restaurant bathroom. The sign reads… “EMPLOYEE HAND WASH…All employees must wash their hands before leaving this bathroom. All handwash methods require using soap with vigorous motions and water to later and […]

My Twenty Years Under Friday Night Lights

16th November 2012 by admin No Comments

After twenty years and more than three hundred broadcasts, my time under the Friday Night Lights is over. I’ll miss it every single Autumn Friday from here on in.

Snow Job

6th November 2012 by admin No Comments

I appreciate your optimism, Target, but I just don’t think we need a whole aisle of snow shovels in Texas. Especially since I’m still wearing shorts. — Reid Kerr hopes this is one of those “every four years” when Texas actually gets snow, but he ain’t betting on it.  Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post […]