Aging Like Fine Wine, Uncorked

Posted by admin - 14/01/13 at 03:01 pm

As I get older, not much has changed in my life. Although I’ve now noticed when I buy a lottery ticket, I no longer get the option where they pay it out over the next 25 years. I want that cash now, in small untraceable bills, just in case I’m not around to spend it.

I am now 42 years old. Some people refer to that as “middle aged,” but to assume that would be pretty presumptuous,  based on my eating habits. And by “eating habits,” I mean “eating whatever is in front of me until I’m too uncomfortable to continue.”

As you get older, there’s all sorts of questions that pop up. Should I buy a home? What are term life insurance rates? Should I buy or lease a car, or just keep hitchhiking? Should I keep investing in Elvis collectible plates, or should I diversify and buy some Dale Earnhardts?

Aging is such a conundrum.

— Reid Kerr still prefers aging to the alternative.

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