The Best Laid Plans

Posted by admin - 01/04/13 at 08:04 am

Once upon a time, I had a dog named Sammie. Since Sammie was an inside dog, I never had her spayed or neutered, so she would still go into heat. When she started, I didn’t want her to bleed all over the carpet, so I bought a ten-pack of little boys’ underwear.

I turned them around, put her tail through the front flap, and safety pinned them to make them tight. Then, as long as I remembered to take them off of her when I walked her, everything was fine.

At the end of the week as I was walking to the dumpster of my apartment complex carrying a garbage bag full of bloody lttle boys’ underwear, I realized…

I didn’t think this through very well.

— Reid Kerr is not exactly a criminal mastermind

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    October 10th, 2013 at 9:35 pm

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