Happy Father’s Day

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Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my life, I’m just building on what my mom and dad taught me. Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and all the fathers out there.

Me and my Pop

My last radio show, dad dropping in.

My dad taught me to count and add by watching football with me. In fact, we once stopped our family Christmas celebration to watch Monday Night Football with me, the night Brett Favre threw for four touchdowns and three hundred yards in the first half against Oakland the night after his father died. After watching such an inspirational performance, he told me that when he died, he wanted me to take the day off.

My dad has a Facebook account, but only to check on me.

My dad is the two things that don’t actually exist, an retired minister and an ex-Marine.

My dad has retired from the ministry at least once a decade since the 1980’s, but is still preaching a couple of times a month, every month. I doubt he’s ever been more than a month without giving a sermon somewhere.

My dad will always be known as “Ol’ Hole In One” Kerr. And yes, he hit one.

My dad taught me to play golf and fish, and then didn’t get upset when I decided they weren’t for me.

My dad took me to my first concert, Styx, in 1983 on the “Kilroy Was Here” tour. He still thinks concerts would be better if they all had storylines.

My dad loves watching drummers, because I started out as one. He also loves Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girls,” probably because it’s got a great drum track.

My dad found out that my tiny hometown was starting a kids soccer league, so he got with some other dads and drove to Dallas one weekend to learn to play the game just so they could teach it to us.

My dad will watch anything you can keep score at, but loves to watch ESPN for the Sports Reporters show on early Sunday morning because they’re both well-informed and respectful in their discussions, unlike the rest of ESPN’s shows.

My dad is a proud fantasy football champion, and can talk strategy with the best of them. His team? The Chile Cheetahs.

My dad is a minister, a Marine, and a Dallas Cowboys fan, which means he doesn’t like to use profanity, but he does have some experience in the field.

My dad has always been “Uncle Red” in my family, even though he hasn’t had red hair in my lifetime, which was pretty confusing for me as a child.

My dad’s favorite movie is an obscure Western called “My Name Is Nobody,” and when I was growing up, it aired on Channel 11 about once a year. That night was like an annual holiday in our house. I still love it, too.

My dad once drove six hours round trip on a weeknight just to see me do stand-up comedy for fifteen minutes.

My dad would teach at church camp every summer and come home with a new batch of funny blessings for the dinner table that Mom wouldn’t want him to use. My favorite? “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub, Yay Lord!”

My dad still loves Bo Jackson for running over Brian Bosworth.

My dad was a Marine in the Korean War, and loved M*A*S*H, but not the later years when it got too preachy.

My dad let me file down the nut on his old acoustic guitar to fit it for four strings just so I could learn to play bass. At least, I think he said it was okay. He didn’t yell at me for doing it afterwards, in any case.

My dad never said “Let me teach you something,” but somehow he always did.

Happy Mother’s Day, pop. I walk every day of my life in the footsteps you laid for me.  love you, and I hope I’m not through making you proud yet.

— Reid Kerr knows Mom was a big part of all that too, but she got her day on Mother’s Day.

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