Utah Welfare & Drug Testing: Salt Lake Silly

Posted by admin - 24/08/13 at 02:08 pm

According to KSL in Salt Lake City, the state of Utah spent more than thirty thousand dollars to drug test people who are on welfare, and out of 4730 applicants, they only caught 12 people with positive tests.

From the article“The data from August 2012 through July 2013 indicates the state spent almost $6,000 to give 4,730 applicants a written test. After 466 showed a likelihood of drug use, they were given drug tests at a total cost of more than $25,000, according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, which administers welfare benefits and the tests.”

Two things here, I’m not surprised at all they didn’t catch many people. And more importantly, what kind of “written test” do you give someone to see if they’re on drugs?

Question #6: Do you own Bob Marley’s “Legend” album?
Question #9: Does Jesse Pinkman seem like a good role model to you?
Question #11: Do you have a favorite album cover?
Question #14: Brownies. Always a good idea, or what?

— Reid Kerr thinks we should also drug test political office holders.


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