My NFL New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by admin - 01/01/17 at 02:01 am

My NFL week seventeen sports humor column is up here, from the pages and website of the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

It features lines like these…

I resolve to not watch Texans games until they change offensive philosophies and try and gain more than a yard per play.

I resolve to never underestimate Bill Belichick, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if he’s starting a rookie quarterback, has a team full of tiny white wide receivers, and he forgot to bring a punter, I will assume that evil mastermind will still find a way to win the game.

Carolina (+5.5) at Tampa Bay: All the Buccaneers need to make the playoffs is a win, five other teams to win, two teams to tie, two bus wrecks and a power outage, and they’re in.

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