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NFL Week Three: Brown Out, Overreactions, and the Week In Picks

21st September 2018 by admin No Comments

Our long national nightmare is over. The Cleveland Browns are winners again. It was just one game, sure. And it was against the Jets, that’s a fair point. But come on, if you’re not entertained by the entire city of Cleveland celebrating like they just won the last battle in “Independence Day,” what more could […]

NFL Week Two: Overreactions, Proper Reactions, and Picks

15th September 2018 by admin No Comments

The week one overreaction is a tradition in the NFL, but do any of them really matter?

Happy Batman Day, Whatever That Means

15th September 2018 by admin No Comments

I saw a post telling me today was “Batman Day,” and that I should celebrate. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that, but I think first thing, I should call my parents and make sure they’re okay. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet […]

August and Everything After

14th September 2018 by admin No Comments

Twenty-five years ago today, Counting Crows released the album “August and Everything After.” That means it was twenty-five years ago that I first listened to this album. And it’s been twenty-five years of my life that there are moments I realize I need to hear it again. Front to back. Every song. And it helps, […]


10th September 2018 by admin No Comments

This is World Suicide Prevention Day. Which is kind of silly, I think. That seems to be something we should hope to help prevent every day, but eh, whatever helps. Know this, if you feel that way, now, or ever, you’re not alone. Call a friend, call the hotline, call someone. 1-800-273-8255. And if you […]

NFL Week One Picks: Farewell, Bandit; Hello, Saints

9th September 2018 by admin No Comments

Welcome back to another NFL season of my discontent, my friends. For the last four years I’ve written this column, an offshoot of my old Fistful of Sports column and blog, where I crack wise about the NFL and show off my intrinsic lack-of-knowledge about the game. By the way, my record? I’ve checked with […]

Facebook, Nike, and (at least some of) the Truth

6th September 2018 by admin No Comments

(originally posted on Facebook here) This is not a political post, it’s just a post for people who love to post on Facebook, but apparently don’t have Google. – Michael Jordan is not leaving Nike and taking “Air Jordan” with him. The University of Alabama did not cancel their contract with Nike, nor did the […]