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Rejection: A Writer’s Love Story

7th August 2012 by admin No Comments

Getting rejected is always a kick in the crotch, but it’s actually a good thing sometimes. It’s all in how you use it.

Inside The Writer’s Studio: Travis Erwin

3rd April 2012 by admin No Comments

Another podcast up today on my “Inside The Writer’s Studio” series, this time with fellow Texan Travis Erwin. Among other things, Travis is the author of “The Feedstore Chronicles,” available now at Amazon.  Travis took a few minutes to sit down with me and talk about writing, getting his start, finding the right agent, his […]

Podcast: Alex Irvine

23rd February 2012 by admin No Comments

New podcast up today, I’m joined by writer Alex Irvine. Alex is not only a writer of great sci-fi stuff and some pretty intense comics for Marvel, he’s also the man behind the new game for Facebook, Avengers Assemble. I have steadfastly resisted playing games on Facebook for years, but I’m fairly certain this one is […]

Podcast: Joe R. Lansdale

11th January 2012 by admin No Comments

Reid sits down with the great Joe R. Lansdale to talk about the craft of writing.