I Hate It Here: A Love Story

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I_Hate_It_Here-MedMy new travel/humor book, “I Hate It Here: A Love Story,” is available now on Amazon.com.

It’s a collection of stories from my adventures on the road, in which a long series of bizarre things happen to me, because that’s what always seems to happen. If you click on the Amazon link, you can read most of the first adventure. Or you can just buy it, which is what I’d prefer.

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Some reviews for my last book, the comedy “The Great Texas Trailer Park Escape” from Biting Dog Press.

“Kerr’s uncanny sense of humor and view of the world make for an entertaining read that will keep you smiling”
— Sara Brooke (Kransen House)

“Some people are good writers. Some are natural-born story tellers. They aren’t the same thing. Reid Kerr is one of those smart asses who belongs in both camps. The Great Texas Trailer Park Escape is incriminating evidence in his defense. If you don’t laugh at it, you must not have a mouth.”
— Tim Bryant (Dutch Curridge)

“Reid Kerr is Carl Hiaasen, Molly Ivins, Kinky Friedman and Tom Robbins in one package.”
— Andrew (review from Amazon)

The Great Texas Trailer Park Escape

The Great Texas Trailer Park Escape

“Reid is one funny mother but downright treasonous. How dare he write Texans with such hilarious accuracy.”
— Travis Erwin (The Feedstore Chronicles)

“Reid is my favorite American-born English writer.”
— Matt Bellner (Mattie 5 Films)

“This is one ridiculously funny book.”
— Chris (review from Amazon)

“If Carl Hiaasen lived in East Texas instead of Florida, this is what it would sound like! This was a fast and fun read that captured the craziness of the locals with stunning accuracy. Thumbs up!”
— Todd (review from Amazon)

“Reid Kerr is funnier than any one human being has a right to be.” 
— L. Scallorn (review from Amazon)

More to come soon. Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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