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100 Words: Fear

5th January 2012 by admin No Comments

“I’m not afraid of men,” Isaac said. “I’ve fought in the war, and been in fights all my life. Men don’t scare me. All a man can do is hurt your body.” He coughed, and his wheelchair shook. I leaned forward to listen to his whispered words of wisdom. “Short of killin’ you, anything a […]

100 Words: Bad Romance Theatre

13th November 2011 by admin No Comments

He sat across from her as they sipped coffee in the cafe, and swore she was all he’d ever wanted and ever could want. She smiled, a sweet little silly smile of silent encouragement, and he continued. He admitted even though he didn’t have much life experience, he knew his feelings were true and they […]

100 Words: Butch and Sundance

14th October 2011 by admin No Comments

I always grew up hoping one day I’d go out like “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,” going down in one last blaze of glory with a true friend standing beside me to the bitter end. I just never figured my final moments would be spent running out of a crack house, covered by my […]

100 Words: They’re On To Me

3rd January 2011 by admin No Comments

I think they’re on to me. They’ve added it up, and realized Paul Stone, securities advisor, is actually an undercover reporter, and I’m on my way to breaking the story of a lifetime, cracking a case of organized crime and corruption that’ll reach all the way to the top. This’ll show the editors I’m ready […]

100 Words: Gimme My Pants…

22nd June 2010 by admin No Comments

“Come on, seriously,” Bob said. “Lemme have them.” “No,” Linda said without smiling. “It’s been over a year. It’s time to make a decision.” “I can’t go home without my pants.” “Exactly.” Bob shifted nervously in the passenger seat, as a police cruiser rounded the corner. “I called the police before I picked you up, […]