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Signing Up For The Free Newsletter

23rd June 2016 by admin No Comments

Now you can get Reid’s random comedy delivered hot, fresh, and free to your email.

The Rejection Chronicles: The Forgotten Pile-On

16th December 2015 by admin No Comments

Getting a rejection notice from an agent you had forgotten you sent a query to is like stepping on a mine from the Korean War.

The Rejection Chronicles: Suddenly Indie Again

6th October 2015 by admin No Comments

Reid goes from author to indie author overnight. How big of a step backwards is it? Small misstep, or drink-yourself-into-a-coma big?

The Rejection Chronicles III: Yes and No

21st August 2015 by admin No Comments

Reid gets good news on his new book! And then bad news! Yay.

The Daily Life of a Freelance Writer: Mail Call

14th August 2015 by admin No Comments

Ever wonder what the life of a freelance writer was like? Here’s the daily routine.


1st August 2015 by admin No Comments

For a writer, writing their own bio can be the hardest thing they ever put to paper. I’ve written ransom notes that were easier than this.

The Rejection Chronicles: Writing The Pine

20th July 2015 by admin No Comments

If you want to catch Reid on tour next week, bring bail money and snacks.

The Rejection Chronicles II: Return Of The Suck

10th July 2015 by admin No Comments

The submission process continues for my new book, so I’m giving you an inside look at what happens inside my head when I read a rejection notice.

The Rejection Chronicles

8th July 2015 by admin No Comments

Reading between the lines of that rejection notice after a writing submission. What does it mean?

Reid’s Writing Tips

2nd July 2015 by admin No Comments

Some tips on writing from Reid, which will be of no help to you at all.

Why “Free” Is Still A Great Deal For Everybody

27th December 2014 by admin No Comments

Why am I excited about giving my book away for free? It’s all part of the plan, my friends, so grab it and enjoy.