*Wak wak wak*…*wak wak wak*…*wak wak wak*

I feel sorry for whoever invented those children’s books that play audio. It must be really isolating to have never been in a bookstore or met a child or heard anything.

One thought on “*Wak wak wak*…*wak wak wak*…*wak wak wak*

  1. I’m surprised you can even imagine that there may be people who have never been in a bookstore! As your dad always says he made his first move while still in the womb, you made many, many trips to the bookstore under the same condition. As long as book stores have snack bars, I never will worry about you starving to death–I’m sure you could find a bookstore with no trouble if someone dropped you in the middle of Moscow or Beijing!! 🙂

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