Monthly Archives: March 2014

I just had to say it

When I wrote and posted that last one, snow wasn’t falling. After posting it, I looked out the window. Guess what? Heavy snowfall! After it had already snowed once and stopped! In the morning, when snow was supposed to fall during the night!

This is difficult to reconcile with my long-standing theory that I live outside of a cartoon.

This all you got?…

Last night, and for some time before, everybody was talking about the snowstorm coming that night. Even my mother, who has the cold tolerance of a polar bear, and had assimilated completely into Ohio life before me and Granny could arrive. They said it would be Snowmageddon, that the snow would be thick as a phone book and we wouldn’t be able to leave the house for days. We stocked up on groceries like there was no tomorrow, or at least one not covered in snow. We tried to absorb the sensations of outside while we could, so that we could stave off the cabin-fever madness sure to come.
At the time of this writing, it’s slightly after 7:00 am, last night having passed. The yard is moderately dusted. The driveway and roads are blanketed with what can’t be more than an inch of snow, if that.
At the same time, it was a lapse into the way things were in Texas (everybody panicking over what turns out to be less than an inch of snow) and the biggest leap from it I’ve ever experienced (the very existence of a level of snow too small to impress me).