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Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” a statutory anthem

22nd May 2018 by admin No Comments

Why is Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” so creepy?

My Endless Shrimp: 90 Minutes of Red Lobster Glory

27th July 2016 by admin No Comments

My one-day battle at Red Lobster against the forces of Endless Shrimp.

The Rejection Chronicles III: Yes and No

21st August 2015 by admin No Comments

Reid gets good news on his new book! And then bad news! Yay.

The Daily Life of a Freelance Writer: Mail Call

14th August 2015 by admin No Comments

Ever wonder what the life of a freelance writer was like? Here’s the daily routine.

The Rejection Chronicles: Writing The Pine

20th July 2015 by admin No Comments

If you want to catch Reid on tour next week, bring bail money and snacks.

The Rejection Chronicles II: Return Of The Suck

10th July 2015 by admin No Comments

The submission process continues for my new book, so I’m giving you an inside look at what happens inside my head when I read a rejection notice.

The Rejection Chronicles

8th July 2015 by admin No Comments

Reading between the lines of that rejection notice after a writing submission. What does it mean?

Reid’s Writing Tips

2nd July 2015 by admin No Comments

Some tips on writing from Reid, which will be of no help to you at all.

How To Lose Me In Three Days, Cable TV Edition

21st August 2014 by admin No Comments

Even though I don’t have cable, Time Warner Cable keeps trying to send strange men to my house. Are they a cable company or Craiglist?

Indirect TV: The Satellite Battle

27th March 2014 by admin No Comments

The ongoing saga of Reid trying to get his satellite television turned off.

New Deli Blues

22nd March 2014 by admin No Comments

I wondered to myself today if anyone would mind if I strangled the asshole in front of me at the deli counter, the one getting tiny amounts of nine different meats and cheeses all ordered individually. He ordered quarter-pound after quarter-pound, all sliced so thin as to be nearly invisible. Then after the counter worker […]

Reid and Wine About It

12th February 2014 by admin No Comments

For those of you looking for some extra comedy in your daily diet, I’m doing a wine review column for Project And as some of you know, I didn’t actually drink any alcohol until I was forty, so bear in mind that everything I taste goes down pretty awful.